Saturday, October 26, 2013

Not As Advertised, But Still Neat

The yarn I told Vanessa to pick for her entrelac scarf does not have the exact long strand dye method needed to make perfect blocks of color, like the scarf in the photograph on the pattern. I researched prior to starting and learned Noro or Lion Brand Amazing were the best yarns for that desired effect. Perhaps Mauna Loa is the exception to the long strand dye technique?

Nonetheless, it does look, well, amazing:

Here it is as worked so far, a little crumpled looking because it hasn't been blocked and steamed yet. That's the very last step when all the knitting is finished.

Here I've got it lightly dry blocked so you can see the variegation better.

These pictures don't do it justice; the yarn is lovely.

Also, today my book sales went up some. Yay! I'm inviting everyone who  has read it to leave a short review on Amazon and/or Goodreads; if they have read the book, they'll notice my email address is in the author notes. If they review it and email me their address, I'll send a limited edition Sideshow bookmark. Only 20 available so get to reading!

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