Friday, October 31, 2014

Author Blog Host: KC Sprayberry and The Curse of the Grungy Gulley

That day is upon us. The Curse of Grungy Gulley releases today, October 31, 2014 ~ Halloween! What does a demon do to stop a group of families slated to fight him for eternity when they don’t pay attention to him? Keep trying, of course!

Faced with the loss of his immortality, Bewitcher Random A. Ransom has to defeat Mary Barron’s young assistants: Tuck Barrons, Earl Lee Farley, and Sue Anne Edwards. Confidant he can beat three kids, Random has no idea that the Johnson triplets have invaded the ranks of his brethren. These brothers have pledged their souls to Archangel Michael to rid the world of evil. What the Bewitcher thought would be easy isn’t so easy after all.

One demon, three teens, spread over a period of 144 years. Can Random A. Ransom defeat Sue Anne Edwards, Earl Lee Farley, and Tuck Barrons?

About the Author:

Born and raised in Southern California’s Los Angeles basin, K.C. Sprayberry spent years traveling the United States and Europe while in the Air Force before settling in Northwest Georgia. A new empty nester with her husband of more than twenty years, she spends her days figuring out new ways to torment her characters and coming up with innovative tales from the South and beyond.
She’s a multi-genre author who comes up with ideas from the strangest sources. Some of her short stories have appeared in anthologies, others in magazines. Three of her books (Softly Say Goodbye, Who Am I?, and Mama’s Advice) are Amazon best sellers. Her other books are: Take Chances, Where U @, The Wrong One, Pony Dreams, Evil Eyes, Inits, Canoples Investigations Tackles Space Pirates, The Call Chronicles 1: The Griswold Gang, The Curse of Grungy Gulley, and Starlight. Additionally, she has shorts available on Amazon: Grace, Secret From the Flames, Family Curse … Times Two, Right Wrong Nothing In Between, and The Ghost Catcher.

A Chance To Win An Autographed Print Edition of The Curse of Grungy Gulley!
Pick up a copy of Right Wrong Nothing In Between by clicking on the link and answer these questions. Post your answers on K.C. Sprayberry’s Facebook fan page before November 5, 2014 and you might get your own autographed print edition of The Curse of Grungy Gulley!

What three children does Random A. Ransom want?

What is the name of the being who comes to Mary, to reassure her that she has made the right choice?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Blogging for Books: Tantric Coconuts by Greg Kincaid

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Unfortunately, I accidentally spilled coffee on the nice dust jacket, and so here is a stock image of the book's cover for you:

I have very mixed emotions about this book. On the one hand, it was nice to read about a book that embraced different types of religions rather than running from anything not "mainstream" or that readers might possibly be offended by. I like that in a book, to be courageous about "taboo" subjects.

On the other hand, while the romance part of the book was nice, it was a little bit predictable.  The portrayal of Native American spirituality was way off, in my personal experience, considering that I grew up with a half Sioux/half Navajo grandmother who taught me a bit about our combined heritage on the subject of spirituality. It was as though the author had watched numerous movies like "Man Called Horse" and decided he was now an expert on the subject.

I think it might be just that I dislike books that try to tell me what to believe in; I sort of felt like the book was telling me in an oblique way that I was on the "wrong path" and that just doesn't sit well. One thing I did like was the dichotomy of the two characters: one was a free spirit and the other was a straight laced type. I sort of wish their roles had been reversed though; it would have made a much nicer romance element if the man had been the free spirit and the woman had been the straight laced person. I think that would have been a nice twist on played out stereotypes.

What I loved most about this book was the suggested reading. That may seem odd, since the book was something I was supposed to enjoy reading as well, but my favorite element was the references listed. I think this author had a great idea, it just needed a little more polish. As a writer, I can completely empathize with this author in wanting to get his story out there. I think it was a great first book, but not really my thing. I'd give it three out of five stars.

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