Saturday, November 29, 2014

Author Blog Host: Not My Type by Emma Caruso

I was given the opportunity to beta read for this book in exchange for an honest review. Here's the cover but let me warn you, this is for grown ups. Grown ups who like hot guys.

Holy sexy cover, batman!

This book is awesome. It touches on a couple of topics that are close to my heart: weight problems and sexy guys who like big girls.

Elsa has struggled with her weight all her life. But then she meets Joe and his adorable dog Spike at the beach. She has a hard time believing a guy like Joe---meaning SUPER HOT and a BODY BUILDER---could ever like a girl like her. That made me feel pissed off for chubby girls everywhere, including myself. There are hot guys that like bigger girls. I married one didn't I? Yes. Yes I did. So I kept reading.

Then the kinky stuff happened. Whoo boy. Fifty shades of who gives a damn, this is hot steamy sex with a STORY! I was a little shocked by how far the author took that kinky aspect of Joe and Elsa's life but I didn't stop reading, now did I? No. No I did not.

There's a lot of insecurity in this relationship. It's kind of dysfunctional, actually. I liked it because it seemed realistic. These two could be aspects of any one of us.

This is a steamy, rip-roaring, panty dropping good won't want to miss this book! Emma Caruso is a new author, this being her debut novel, but I can't wait to read more of her work. Emma, won't you write faster, please?!

"Not My Type" is coming out December 15th, just in time for Christmas. I know a few of my girl friends who are getting a copy of THIS for their present. You're welcome ladies!