Sunday, September 23, 2012

Crazy Days in Mid-September

Things have been pretty crazy around here lately! There was the back-to-school melee, followed by a new job for me (I start in one week! yay!) to fixing up things around the little farmstead. We added two new family members, Frodo and Sam, the two Nubian goat kids we adopted a few months ago. They are finally ready to be away from their mama, but don't tell them that! They disagree completely. Here are some pics of the little tykes:

Sam's little goaty face

The one with the black stripe is Frodo. The other one is Sam

Frodo is camera shy

In other news...I have had to competely hotwire an entirely new dog pen because Sadie Mae won't keep her rear where she should be keeping it. Rotten dog!
Haven't had much time for crafts, but I did make one of the Pioneer Woman's recipes for dinner last night. It was botwie pasta with leeks and pancetta; you simply must try it, because I will be making it again! Totally delicious.
Have had a lot of homework lately so that's consumed a lot of my time. Hopefully I will get crafty soon and talk about dying wool with ingredients found in nature. I plan to make myself some Stargazer socks this winter and I found a blog about giant knitting. It looks like it takes a lot of material though. Guess I had better find a drum carder and start picking some wool!
See ya soon :)
The view from my front door, at 6 am