Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Outlandish Obsession: Harmless Fun or Unhealthy Addiction?

I admit it: I've been obsessed with Outlander (the book series by Diana Gabaldon) for a _long_ time now. I read the first book about twenty years ago...you know the one, with the cover that had the broken clock, the dirk, the pearls, and the Fraser plaid? I loved it from the first moment I cracked open the pages. I bled with those characters, and cried for their losses, and grinned like a fool at their witty banter. I've held my breath in fear of what would happen to them. They've become like friends, of a sort. I know that sounds as though I, a grown woman, have embraced imaginary friendships, and maybe I have. But is it all harmless fun, or is it an unhealthy addiction?

Some may scoff (ahem, nobody's husband in THIS room, I can assure you) at the idea of a woman falling back in time through the standing stones. But hey, no one REALLY knows what they're there for, right? Anything is possible. Isn't that little bit of the unknown what keeps the magic alive in our world?

Over the years, my obsession has grown little by little. There was the first book, then others that followed, and now I have them on pre-order months before they're released. I even buy them for friends as birthday gifts. Because I should not be the only one who is crazy around here! I insist on sharing my obsession.

Now there is the television series on Starz, and I admit it, I have it on a record setting in two rooms of the house and I watch each episode more than once. I will definitely (_DEFINITELY_) need to have each season on DVD for my viewing pleasure. The actors who play these beloved characters are very good, and treat their roles with the responsibility they demand. And I'm not being facetious: these are well loved books all over the world, and these actors have important characters to represent. So far, in my opinion, they are spot on. I'm enjoying every second.

What is it about Outlander that we, the obsessed, love so much? Certainly Jamie (James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, to be precise) is a main component; and doesn't Sam Heughan do a splendid job of becoming the embodiment of Jamie? I certainly think so. And Claire, the sassy Sassenach, is written and portrayed in such a way that every woman sees a bit of herself in Claire...brought to life by the lovely Caitriona Balfe on the show. It's quite something, to see these characters I've loved for so long, becoming real flesh and blood people. It's absolutely my favorite night of the week!

And there's more! I've joined two Outlander knitting groups, an Outlander's Addiction group, and the Outlander Kitchen blog is never far from hand. But...have I gone too far? Am I too obsessed?

Who cares?

My need to immerse myself in the Scottish Highlands of the 1740's isn't hurting anyone. Even my poor, long-suffering, Irish husband just shakes his head and smiles a little at my foolishness. And I'm still this side of sane. Sort of. When I start wielding a claymore and chanting Scottish war cries (Tulach Ard!) then we'll worry. And then again...maybe not!

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