Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

The day my little one has been eagerly awaiting for weeks....National Candy Day. No wait...Halloween, that's right ;).

Here she is dressed as an Enderman:

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2012

It's Been A While

It sure has been a while since I've posted. Things got very busy! I got a new job, spending more time with my family, and the farm is growing bit by bit. Now we have four chickens out in the coop and a flock (pardon the pun) in the garage under a heat lamp awaiting their turn to go out into the big world. There were five adult chickens originally but, ahem, one of them committed suicide by dog. In a previous post, I mentioned how I hot-wired the dog yard; that thing is like Fort Knox. That chicken had to fling itself over the fence for the dogs to eat it. I wonder if it brought a bottle of Tobasco with it? Darn bird. Oh well; apparently it didn't taste very good, and dead was the only thing on the menu, chicken-wise.

Halloween is this week, so we are gearing up for that of course. My little one wants to be this creature:

This thing is called an "Enderman" and it's from a video game called "Minecraft". Ever heard of it? I hadn't either until her older sister taught her how to play (Emily, you are SO grounded). Now she wants to play all the time and this very pixelated critter is all I've heard about for days and days. Fortunately, I am diabolical; therefore, my older daughter (as I call her, Emily the Corrupter) has to make this costume. She's such a cheater too; cardboard box my foot!

In other news, I have seen a few great movies lately and a not so great one that I was holding out high hopes for. First, "Rock of Ages" was magnificent especially if you are a child of the 90s who loved the big hair bands (guilty). Tom Cruise was a-maze-ing, totally nailed it. Say what you will about his religious beliefs and crazy antics but he certainly CAN act. "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" was not all the book said it should be. The movie was just barely in the "ok" category; the book was fantastic. I urge anyone who watched the movie and disliked it to please pick up the book. It is cleverly written and entertaining to say the least. And lastly, my beloved "Dark Shadows" is out now on DVD and soon to be within my clutches so I can watch it for the third, or is it fourth, time. Johnny Depp, how DO you do it?

I have been busy reading a lot lately as well; I read a new Jodi Picoult book (well new to me) called "Vanishing Act" which I enjoyed. I read a zombie/apocalypse trilogy which begins with "Rot and Ruin", quite well done, but more for younger generations like teens. I am reading "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman right now, and Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury". Not my favorite Faulkner ever but....hey, it's Faulkner. What can I say.

School wise, I am wrapping up a linguistics class and will again immerse myself in the world of Chaucer, Milton, and Shakespeare soon. Which comes in handy at my new job, where I am responsible for tutoring high school kids on, you guessed it: medieval literature. HA!

I'm also knitting my fingers off in preparation for the holidays; I have several projects going that I'd better get back to. I'll post some of my completed creations as I get some of them done. See ya!