Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I know, it's tomorrow. I won't be here tomorrow! Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

Here is my slipper sock, first one completed, second one in progress. I will finish it probably today if I knit for a few hours. The pattern is pretty simple, and I make these for my mom every year. I chose this yarn for her because she likes autumn colors.

Pattern: CO40 stitches, divide in half for each circular needle (I used size 9 circulars). Join in the round. Garter stitch the first two rows. Rib stitch the next several rows, as long as you want the cuff to be (2K, 2P). Knit the heel flap on one circular, holding the instep stitches in stasis on the other needle. Heel flap: S1,K1,S1,K1 to the end of the row. Turn, S1 and purl the whole row to the end. Turn and repeat the S/K pattern from heel flap row 1. When the heel flap is the desired length you can either turn the heel (narrow the heel) or leave as is, since it is a slipper sock. Pick up gusset stitches; when you reach the instep, rib stitch to the end of the row. Pick up the other side's gusset stitches. A note about gussets: to avoid the dreaded gusset hole, pick up the stitch UNDER the obvious one, one row down. It seems wrong, but just do it. If you miss it, just stitch the hole closed from inside the sock later, no biggie, just annoying. Ok, then start forming the foot. Decrease each gusset side by knitting two together every other round until you are left with the original twenty on the bottom needle (always continue the rib stitch pattern on instep needle). When you reach the toe, same thing: decrease by two every other row. Finish by using the Kitchener stitch, it's durable for the socks.

These socks may look odd off the foot; partly due to the yarn and also the rib pattern. But on the foot, they stretch out nicely!

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