Friday, December 28, 2012

Knit Ten, Purl Ten: Repeat

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We sure did here in Oregon. In other posts I will showcase the marvelous abilities of my new camera, a few cuts above the old point and shoot variety! It might rival my precious 35mm old film camera in quality of shots. Time will tell but it's pretty promising. Plus, no wasted film on blurry or bad shots. Woohoo!

I got these beautiful rosewood knitting needles in my stocking, and am using them to make my daughter a basket weave scarf. Basket weave is a simple pattern, just knit ten, purl ten, and repeat. Once you've completed ten rounds, switch it up!

The yarn is lovely too; this is a Lion Brand yarn, apple green is the color. It's called Jiffy. Neat!

I'll post the finished scarf in a couple of days. Happy New Year!

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