Sunday, December 30, 2012

Book Review: The Friday Night Knitting Club

A young single mother, a pair of knitting needles, and a chance encounter in a park begins the journey in this heart warming novel about life, its triumphs and disasters, and sisterhoods that are stitched instead of born.

Georgia fell in love with James, who fell in love with himself. Cut to twelve years later and the reader finds Georgia as a successful business woman, the owner of a knitting paradise, thanks to the support of Anita, the rich widow whom she met that day in the park. Over time, the regulars of the shop form what become The Friday Night Knitting Club, and from there, the sisterhood begins.

This was a great story, full of hopes, dreams, frustrations, and laughter. The reader may not be prepared for the surprising twists in the "yarn", if you'll forgive the pun...well worth a couple of evenings under a knitted blanket with some hot tea. If you're a knitter, the knitting "purls" of wisdom between chapters will make you smile extra wide. Definitely keeping this one on the shelf, and I'll be checking out Kate Jacobs' other books, including the knitting-inspired sequel "Purl Two".

I'll try to include more books in my posts for the future. I'm asked often by friends and family what I'm reading, and what I recommend. Since I read extremely quickly, I always suggest they befriend me on Goodreads, where I've a list of what I want to read and a partial list of what I've already read. This site enables me to grant each book a certain number of stars based on how I liked it, plus I can write a brief review as well. I'm adding it here, to my sidebar. Check it out!

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