Friday, August 3, 2012

Tomorrow is Another Day!

So tomorrow I'm going to yard sales with my mom. What on earth do I need at a yard sale? The only thing I can think of is maybe some scrapbooking stuff. But you never know, and spending time with Mom is always good no matter what. We have lots of fun!

My awesome husband is going to do the grocery shopping. Here are the flowers he bought and had delivered to my office from a "Secret Admirer" (I know it's him):

I'm so clever to have figured it out!

Ok I'm done now. Aren't they lovely though? As part of my many hobbies, I enjoy photography. Actually I'm shopping for a great dSLR camera but haven't found my one true lens-y love yet. I have outgrown the point and shoot, and while my iPhone does take interesting pictures for a cell phone...I need a digital wonder to help me with my creativity so I can capture that picture worth a thousand words. I do have a 35mm with fun filters but sometimes a girl needs her technology. Here are a couple I took with my phone though:

And ok just one more of something not flowery:

This is my view every morning on my way to work. Isn't it perfect!?

In other news, creative writing class started up and as mentioned, I'm thrilled. I already finished my first paper which you can read if you want. It's posted in my pages section at the top of the site. I met cool new people, some interested in the same hobbies as me! And though I haven't been knitting, spinning, or dyeing lately, it wil be nice to have someone to talk to about the merits of each when winter comes and I turn to sedentary pasttimes. Right's time to go water my pumpkins!! 

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