Monday, July 30, 2012

Creative Writing

So excited! Started creative writing class today and will finally be encouraged to write, creatively!

Here's what I write for my class bio:

"Hi everyone,

My name is Inigo Montoya...ok no not really. But that's a great line isn't it? My name is actually Vaughan. Christina Vaughan. But please, call me Chrystal. According to family legend, my name was given to me by my grandmother who wanted my mother to name me after Crystal Gayle, that country singer lady but my mother wanted a traditional Sicilian/Italian name. Thus I was dubbed "Christina Leanna Canepa" for a good many years. Anyway. I'm a grown up now, so I go by whatever I want, and no one can stop me.

I am working toward a Master's degree in English, possibly even a Ph.D. Though I always pictured myself becoming a writer and have written quite a lot of poetry, short stories, and children's stories, the plan never came to fruition and I suppose I have just sort of given up on the idea. Now, I plan to teach college, maybe online or traditional or a combination of the two. I would also be interested in becoming an editor when I grow up, I have always loved reading and fixing; when I was a kid in high school, my best friend and I would write notes to each other during class and I always had to correct hers.....I just knew that the things I wanted to do with my life required higher education.

A bit of personal info about me is that I am 36, have been married to Mr. Vaughan for 7 years (I call him Mr. Vaughan but other people call him Caleb. Ok not really. They call him Mr. Vaughan too). Before fate brought us together, he had a son named Austin who is now 16 and driving and has a girlfriend and shaves. I too had offspring before our cosmic meeting, a lovely daughter named Emily who is 17 and may become a quantum physics engineer and take over the world. She has little time for outside interruptions in her days of calculations and planning. I sleep with my doors locked at night in case you are wondering. And at last, when the fickle hand of fate saw fit to bring us finally to our destiny, we had a small miracle named Madyson, who is now 7 and whose visage will likely rival Helen of Troy in her power to launch seagoing vessels.

We live on a small farm, with a couple chickens/goats/rabbits/dogs/and cats. We go by two's here. So literally a couple of each of the named species of animals. For FUN, I enjoy reading, writing (no, not arithmetic), pottery, painting, drawing, paper crafting, beading, loom weaving, and best of all...spinning wool into yarn, dyeing the wool spun into yarn with hand-created dyes found in nature, knitting the spun and dyed wool into garments which I then force my family to wear, and cooking. I love cooking. I am a legendary cook, within my family anyway. I have a blog where I post all my delectable recipes when I have time. I also have a pesky full time job thing, which gets in the way of my creating quite often.

I love writing. I am so excited for this class and to learn with all of you and read your creations and share mine. So. Excited.!!!"

I'm very excited. Did I mention that part yet?

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