Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Blogging Hobby

I wanted to start a blog where I can keep track of all of my various, and varied, hobbies. One of which is writing! But I intend to share all kinds of information and bits of this and that in regards to many hobbies I have enjoyed and currently enjoy. I encourage anyone to share tips and tricks so we can all learn from each other.

Writing and reading aside, I enjoy many hobbies that include crafty-ness. From scrapbooking to knitting, mosaic and pottery...I love them all. Anyone with any others should post them here so we can add to our repertoire.

Other hobbies I love include cooking and baking, photography and painting. I'll add sections for each once I get futher along. This blogging thing is my newest hobby, and I'm really enjoying it so far! Sort of like a journal where I can keep all my hobbies and share them with other people. Cool!

I use Pinterest a lot because I can post pictures of all the things I love in one location. But sometimes I'd like to add information about what I'm posting, more than just a brief description. I'll do that here, instead.

So let me get organized, and I'll be back on soon with some categories, pictures, and information. See you all later!


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