Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday, Monday...and Rain

In honor of the fabulous weather here in Oregon today, I'm sharing some indoor crafts to do with kids. I was going to do a gardening one today but hey, who can garden in a deluge? Not this girl! So before school was over, we collected some crayon nibs from the class which the teacher didn't need for her own nefarious purposes. We also have a plethora of our own crayon bits, so here is what we plan to do with them today:

Oh my GOODNESS those peaches last night were outta sight! You guys gotta try that recipe. Next time I think I will add marscapone to the center of each one before serving. I also changed the recipe slightly, by adding honey to the basalmic glaze. Also, those peaches and the glaze would make a delightful addition to some vanilla ice's a picture of the ones I made last night. Let me know if you try the recipe, and any changes you might make!

 Tomorrow's blog is going to be about dying wool with the stamens of the Stargazer lily. See you tomorrow!

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