Sunday, September 7, 2014

Outlander Beef...Not a Recipe!

I have a beef with Outlander: it's shocking, I know, but bear with me. 

My beef isn't with the books (though at some point we must discuss the events of Echo in the Bone). 

My beef isn't with the show, per se: it's more with the fans of the show who haven't read the books. Here's an example: 

In the scene with Dougal and Claire in the hallway, during the Gathering when the men try to interfere with her and Dougal steps in, one watcher wrote that she has a problem with Claire's new perspective on Dougal after the boar hunt and the collection of donations for the Jacobite cause. This watcher indicated displeasure with the seemingly sudden flip flop after the man tried to rape her. 

Please note: I do not condone rape in any way, shape, or form.

However, had this person read the book, she would know that Dougal only steals a kiss, perhaps not entirely unwanted either, before sending Claire to her room for her own safety. 

Is the show partially responsible for altering this scene in such a manner as to cast Dougal in a terrible light? Yes and no. If the scene had been portrayed as it was in the book, there would be less inclination to look upon Dougal as a monster, and less condemnation of Claire for her change of heart concerning Dougal, his men, and his actions.

We who have read the books know that Dougal isn't a good guy. He's no rapist, but he's not pure as the driven snow either. So maybe that's the point the show is trying to make. 

Mostly, I just wish people would keep the book in mind while watching the show and try to enjoy the similarities and differences. It's an amazing world to be a part of!

In other Outlandish news...these weekly portions of an hour each are KILLING me. I just want to binge watch the whole thing from the beginning of the book/show to the end of the book/show. Who's with me?!

AND: I graduated from college. By the way. Finally!

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