Sunday, August 3, 2014

Let the Reviewing Begin!

Though only a few days old, Conspiracy of Ravens already has a few great reviews on Goodreads. Here is a taste of what to expect for readers of this paranormal story in the tradition of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Thomas Harris:

Five Stars!
"Although Conspiracy of Ravens is a blend of genres, I’d call it an occult mystery. It has one of those cozy mystery plots where a reporter is sent out to interview a serial killer and through that interview we discover the nature of the killer’s crimes. Think: The Silence of the Lambs. Except this one’s unique, in that the killer seems to have some type of supernatural powers.

At the center of Conspiracy of Ravens is a strong female protagonist who is smart and sarcastic, yet internally conflicted, haunted by a tragic childhood. This protagonist, Sophia, narrates her encounter with the Raven Witch Killer, her polar opposite. There’s a real yin and yang with these two, a real black and white, good vs. evil." (Read more on Goodreads at

Another Five Star Review:
“Judgment comes on deadly wings.” "It certainly does. I’m not into tarot cards or witches. I did have my moments when I was younger when I looked into different occults. This is the first book I downloaded to read on my Kindle. It took me three sittings to finish and if I could have stayed up all night I would have finished it in two. The first night brought back fearful memories of an experience I had with the Ouija board. I have Sophie to thank for that. In the beginning I thought she was going to be bad, but she turned out good. I felt sorry for her because she had a lot of issues to work through and as the story progressed I was eager to flip the next card. I actually tried to turn pages, as if I were reading a book, on the Kindle (takes a bit to get used to using a button and not actually flipping a page)

Catherine, the serial killer witch, is shackled and chained in a prison cell. It kind of reminded me of the scenes of Clarice and Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs. It had that same feel to it. Sophie is doing research for a column, not by choice, for the Philly Herald where she works. Her boss is kind of a dick in the beginning, but as the story goes you find out why and see that he’s really okay. Catherine explains to Sophie, in full detail of 17 sacrifices her ‘Dark Lord’ asked of her. One even includes a small child, (which would have been okay if it were a screaming brat that needed to be slapped upside the head–just kidding). Definitely not for the weak at heart." (Read the entire review at

Another reader gave it Five Stars as well, and wrote "Wonderfully dark and depraved ! I liked it very much and can't wait for more from this author."

Pick up your own copy! There will be a giveaway on Goodreads in just a couple of days. Check out the Goodreads page for Conspiracy of Ravens at to stay abreast of all reviews, tidbits, and giveaway information.

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