Monday, June 16, 2014


I was looking through my blog to find a recipe for my publisher to use in an upcoming promotion for the imprint name (Summer Solstice) and went back to the very beginning of my blog when I called it a hobby. It's true that it started out that way. I love reading through it, though some of it is embarrassing. So amateur. Still is. But what I really love is seeing how the writer in me that was always there finally came back.

I'd stifled the writer for so long, with excuses of work, family, responsibilities, etc. But when I read through these blog posts I can see that all it took was that one creative writing class to let that poor writer back out of the cage I'd put her in.

When I was a young girl, in high school, I'd written all the time. Mostly poetry (come one, I was a high school girl, after all) but some stories and even a children's story. Even then I'd been fascinated with crows and ravens, evidently. I went back through some of my old writing, trying to see the giant leap from young, angst-y teen girl writer to older, hopefully wiser, woman writer. There's a huge gap, all those lost years, but I think I'm mending that tear in my fabric.

I've posted one of my very early pieces, a poem for children, on my Facebook page ( I've added both that piece (The Ballad of Harbor Town) and one of my pieces that won first place in a contest at my high school (Knight's Song). These pieces are in the page called The Songs of Sundays in the Stories, Poems, and Musings section of the blog (top right hand corner).

I've come a long way since I wrote those two poems but I have to say that I still love them as much as I did way back when I wrote them. Will I ever revise them? No. They are perfect with all of their flaws intact.

I'm very lucky that my desire to write returned to me; many people say if you don't use it, you lose it. I'm not sure I had it to begin with but I'd like to think I did, and still do. And I feel like I'm only getting better. Maybe it's a little cocky to say so, but King and Koontz won't be around forever. Here's hoping I'm the next rising star. Or swiftly falling feather.

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