Friday, June 13, 2014

Birds on the Brain

I have a problem: too many project vying for attention. Zombies? Werewolves? True Love? Circus??? What to do next is troubling but I think it has to be circus. I have an October 31st deadline and I'm only about halfway done with it. Plus...I really miss my friends! 

I want to do one more run through on "Ravens" and keep your eyes peeled for my book trailer and cover reveal in the next few days. 

I'm also looking for reviewers to go on Amazon and Goodreads and post reviews for "Ravens". There's a signed proof copy in it for the first three people who hustle on over to both places and review it on release day!

I'm gathering data for a few future books, but here is a piece of research I've carried around for many months now. I always find other authors' research and methods interesting so I thought I'd share:

Last but not least, check back for some more author interviews coming up in the next few weeks. There are great books out there deserving of readers!

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