Saturday, May 10, 2014

Blog Tour: Olivia Gracey

It's very rewarding to be a part of a publishing group; as part of our marketing and bonding, some of us are doing a blog hop, hosting other authors on our blogs. I had the pleasure of reading Olivia Gracey's novel, The Allow Factor, and encourage everyone to check it out here. Here is some information about the author, Olivia Gracey:

What am I working on?
Currently marketing for my book “The Allow Factor”  that was released through Summer Solstice Publishing May 5th. In my spare moments I am jotting down the sequel to “The Allow Factor” called “The Psyco Effect” in hopes of having it wrapped up by the end of summer. Then I will be approaching part three in the book series.

My latest piece “Sailing Alice Marie” is pure romance and fiction. It’s one of those books you just get lost in while your toes are busy digging in the sand. It is currently with my Agent being shopped for a publisher.

How does my work differ from others of it’s genre?
It’s relatable yet dreamy. There’s a guy that may not be the perfect guy but maybe the guy you just dated. The one who broke your heart and kept coming back for more. There’s advice and aha’s along the way to make you question your heart and show you how worthy you are to be someone’s forever Bride. 

Why do I write what I do?
This particular book was written for all my broken women friends. I wanted to reach out to them, show them there is healing, you don't stay broken forever. I feel the need to help and build them up back to the woman they once were. Only this time, stronger, wiser, and more beautiful. I’ve yet to meet a woman that I couldn’t relate to. I’ve been there, broken, and I want to be that voice that’s there for them to remind them of what the Good Lord has in-store for them.

Women are natural responders. You give love to us you get love seven fold. It’s the way we are designed. You hurt us, well you know…

How does my writing process work?
Spontaneity and prayer. I do not plan to write I write when it hits me. Ideas come at me full force and when they do I am forced to jot them down or record via voice memo into my phone.

I never have a clue where it’s going or where it ends up. There are times I’ll start off thinking it’s going one direction then a character or idea will pop up and stir it into another. I love getting into the head of my characters. So deep sometimes, that they are sitting right next to me telling me how they feel.

I’m my worst critic. “I don’t know why anyone would want to read my book!” But I know in my heart the story is good when it makes me laugh or cry. And the best part comes when I don’t remember even writing that line. That’s my WOW factor. 

Three things you should know about me.
The Good Lord always has my back…
My greatest accomplishments in life are my two boys
I love to write!

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