Monday, January 27, 2014


I read a blog the other day where the author talked about the many changes and events which happened to her the previous year, and any upcoming events she knew were ahead that she was looking forward to. I thought that it was a brilliant idea and a positive way of looking back on what was accomplished rather than what was not. Here are some big things, and small things, that happened last year:

1. Emily turned eighteen and graduated from high school.
2. We moved into my childhood home. It isn't much but it's ours.
3. I finished writing my first book, and then it was published. I wrote a second one and published it too, all in one year.
4. Madyson chopped off all her hair, and I lived through it.
5. Caleb completed his tenth year at his job, a milestone which not many can say they've reached these days.

I dislike making resolutions for a new year because inevitably I have set myself up to fail. I will never be thin, but I can be healthy. I will never be organized, but I can try new ways of keeping one step ahead. And I may never reach some of the goals I've set for myself, but at least it was fun to dream about. In the year ahead, I'm looking forward to:

1. Austin (my stepson) will graduate and turn eighteen, too.
2. I will graduate from college with my BA in English in June this year. Wow.
3. Caleb will be (hopefully) selected for a leadership position within his career.
4. We might be able to leave the house to Emily and Axel and move to the ocean. At least visiting the ocean a few times this summer would be lovely. Madyson loves the ocean and so do I!
5. Speaking of summer, I will have the summer off this year and can focus on my writing. The second circus book is due out in September/October this year.

What are you looking forward to in the year to come?

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