Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Show Must Go On

It's true; I've been hard at work writing the second book in the Sideshow series. As soon as the first book was officially published, I was able to get started on the second one. And it's started off with a bang let me tell you! My characters are speaking loud and clear.

Tomorrow I'm giving a knitting lesson to my friend Ginger, who needs some advanced technique advice. Later this weekend I'm going to start the entrelac scarf for Vanessa. Here's a picture from Pinterest of what it will (hopefully) look like:

And actually, her scarf will look a little different because she chose a different colorway for her yarn. I asked her to select from any of the Amazing Yarns by Lion Brand, and here is the one she picked:

Here is the colorway:


So hers will look a bit different but with the same diamond pattern. I have never done entrelac knitting before, but I trust in my pattern and the magic of YouTube. For any knitter who does not know about this yet, I urge you to subscribe to Very Pink Knits. The instructor is very good and the videos are clear. Here is a link to the YouTube Channel:

Specifically, here is a link to the entrelac scarf tutorial (link for the pattern is in the description):

And finally, her blog and website are at I strongly recommend her tutorials and patterns, as I have taught myself a lot of techniques from watching her. Another really great YouTube tutorial series is from Liat Giat. Just do a search for her.

I will post some updates of my progress as I go; I suspect the knitting will be slow right now since the book is on fire (giggle: one of the main characters has pyrokinesis). Until then...what's new with you? Anyone read any good books lately? ;)

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