Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Oregon Zoo

Every year, out family takes a week vacation to some place either we have never been to or that we wish to revisit. This year, we chose the Oregon Zoo as our destination. I have been there many times but Caleb and Madyson have never been (Emily didn't go with us as she doesn't like to travel). I also wanted to visit an eatery known as Joe's Crab Shack; the commercials always make me hungry! In addition, it was both Caleb and Madyson's birthday celebrations. We visited with my Aunt Deby, Uncle Marty, cousin Cari, and nieces Michelle, Kayla, and Sydnee. Here are some pictures of the people and animals we saw:
Joe's, at last!

Caleb prepares to feast

Madyson is totally ready for her crab!

Holy steam pot of deliciousness

Lobster. That is all.

One of the first animals we saw at the zoo was this lovely sea lion. 

This little penguin was very busy. And difficult to photograph!

These little lorikeets were not interested in visitors' nectar and seed cups. Too full!

I want one of these fruit bats. I would name him Antonio. 

This marmoset was too hot to play

Yes that is a crocodile. Anyone know what the difference between an alligator and a crocodile is? Madyson knows!

Giraffe! So cute!

This is Tusker, the male elephant. He is the proud papa of....

Lily! The brand new baby pictured here with her mother, Rose.

These long necked creatures are called gerenuks 

I love this photo booth picture of Madyson and Kitty :)

How many hippos do you see?

The closest she will probably get to a lion, unless she becomes a zoo veterinarian as she has planned. 

Awwww so cute!

This orangutan was chewing off bits of coconut husk, and rolling them into balls in his mouth. He would then spit the coconut husk balls into one hand and repeat. When he laid eyes on Madyson, he started spitting his coconut husk balls out so they would roll in front of her. I think maybe he wanted her to pick them up but the bullet proof glass prevented their friendship from developing further. 

Little known fact about me: I love mandrills

Aunt Deby and Uncle Marty. They are awesome!

Cari looks unimpressed doesn't she?

Cousins! From left to right: Sydnee (9), Michelle (13), Madyson (8), and Kayla (11)

I have about a hundred more pictures on the big girl camera; when I get some batteries I'll share more pictures from our adventure. Additionally, stay tuned for the water lily socks!

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  1. Awesome pics! Your bat would be Antonio Batderas? Cool. I like Joe's Crab Shack, but I only ever eat the chicken - I'm a desert rat and the only seafood we have that is natural is the nasty carp in Lake Mead - yuck! Looks like a great trip!