Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The House, The Kids...

Well folks, I have been SUPER busy the last month and a half with moving to the new house and trying to get it up past white trash status. It's not there yet but it's greatly improved! Here are some before pictures:

This is the living room

The master bedroom

the upstairs loft room (mine when I was a kid)

More of the upstairs
The upstairs is really huge

This spot here is where the stove goes...ick

The pantry. Complete with two year old food...

The horrible bathroom

More horrid bathroom
This is the back room, which was added on by my step dad and which also housed all of his animals. Four feral cats with no bathroom manners. It was a nightmare!

More back room
Needless to say, my mom and I worked our butts off on getting all the stuff gutted out of this house. It took us a week, but this is what it looked like after a week of our backbreaking efforts; I call this the halfway to clean point:
This is the living room after we bleached it and removed the carpets and bleached it again
Here is the master bedroom. Again, we bleached, tore up floors, and bleached some more

Upstairs loft room. The carpeting ate some of the paint on the floor but we bleached it numerous times.

(Here's my mom). This room was the worst. We had to scrape one section of the wall texturing off and completely take up every bit of flooring down to the subfloor. You don't want to know why.

The pantry was much better by this point; this is not even as done as it is now. Today, this room has those bottom shelves removed, a brand new (smaller) hot water heater because this one in the photo died a tragic death, and the entire room was bleached and painted white. The whole house was bleached from ceilings to floors and painted with three coats of flat white paint because my step dad, whose house this was, chain smoked while hooked up to oxygen and that combined to make a lovely, sticky, yellowish brown patina that coated the entire house.
This is that area where the stove was. Today, the broken tile flooring has been removed and is ready for new floors to be installed when I'm a bit more rich.
Here's the back room, completely stripped and bleached. The floor is concrete so that helped with the animal messes. This is before it was painted, bleached, and painted again. We managed to turn this room into a great little girl's room, with colorful carpets on the floors and nice drapes to hide the old back of the house until I can get it sheetrocked.
For some reason I didn't have a picture of the new improved bathroom. But it got gutted, bleached,  painted, bleached, painted some more and has new everything installed in it. It also got the cabinetry cut away to make room for the wheelchair and now has a sort of pedestal sink but with a cabinet section to the far side.
And that's what I've been up to! As soon as I can afford it, the first thing I will do is go ahead and install new floors. That's on my summer to-do list!
Now on to the next project: enjoying my lovely daughter's graduation from high school! I work at a different high school, and I'm very attached to my kids, many of whom are graduating this year as well. They have been begging me to go to their graduation for months; unfortunately, the school districts did not correspond on the dates and times, so my daughter and my students are graduating on the same day at virtually the same time. Obviously...I'm going to my daughter's graduation! But several of my students will likely stop by to see me when they are done with the ceremonies at their graduation. I've exchanged emails and phone numbers with a few of the really special ones, so we can keep in touch. One of my favorite students said he wished I would move to Portland and help him with college work, which was so sweet! I promised I will always be available for those tricky Macbeth questions and pesky grammar rules.
Here is a picture of me with a few of my favorite students (I know, teachers aren't supposed to have favorites. Sue me)
(From left to right) Cameron, Me, Briana, and Sam (down front)
And now last, but never, ever least, my lovely daughter, graduating class of 2013:
Yes. This was the best I could do. She refuses all photo requests.
Happy graduation everyone!


  1. Awesome. I love the progress you've made. Congrats on your home! And congrats to Emily. I actually have a hard time believing she's graduating. How did that happen?

  2. When you told me the house was a mess, I never imagined that! You are so brave for taking on such a project- I don't think I could do it. You are doing a great job! Congrats to Emily! Love all your pics, but I think the one of Emily is super terrific! :-)