Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm Still Around

I have had a lot going on lately! I finally finished the Pacific Ocean bag, which I will post step by step later; I helped my mom with paperwork stuff; we had some school issues with my youngest, and we switched her school in the almost middle of the year; I had my own school work, and regular work, with the end of classes and semester; and now we have to move to remain in the school district we transferred the wee person (back) to. So all things considered, it's been a pretty eventful couple of weeks. But this weekend the weather was warm and beautiful, a real taste of spring. In between numerous and often odiferous chores, I stole a few moments with the cutest Sadie girl. We went walkabout in the field, and I snapped these pictures. She is my lil Sadie Wadie mommy's doggie wiggle woggle smoochie poochie :-D


  1. Thanks! I wuv her wittle wrinkly forehead and her wittle waggy butt and her wittle fwoppy ears...ok, I'll stop. I found this dog in a box at Walmart when she was probably only about four weeks old. Way too early to be away from her mama, that's for sure. She has turned into a very sweet natured, happy, charming dog (much LARGER than I thought she was going to be but, oh well). Best thing I ever got from Walmart actually! Lol