Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cozy Armwarmers

As usual, I have been doing a lot of reading lately. I'll post a three part book review soon, but in the meantime, between books I made these cozy Armwarmers for my sister-in-law. A note on these particular ones: since she provided the yarn, I had no say in what brand. And they are ok, but they would look and feel so much better with quality yarn. Now I have part of a skein of this stuff left and I will probably give it to my daughter to make macaroni necklaces. Quality does matter! I will make another pair with some of my personal yarn and do a side-by-side one day so you can see the difference.

In other news, I made some progress on my book, after a month long dry spell. I know how it ends, it's getting there that's been tough with the plethora of characters to weave into the thread of the story. My good friend and college pal Laura of Laurasewsstuff.com is going to edit for me. A huge relief! That will be a huge help.

Spring Break is next week, and it's already crammed full since we are moving. I see...boxes...in my future....

PS-sorry about the pictures; I'm too lazy to get my big girl camera so cell phone pics it is!


  1. Love the armwarmers! Of course, in Las Vegas, we don't usually need such things- I really need to move! I have read the first four chapters and love your book- you are an awesome writer!

  2. Thanks! I will get to work on the next few chapters after we have moved. HOPEFULLY you will let me pester you a bit more with it when I have more of it written :P

    I thought about making armwarmers for you and your girls (human ones, not sure the feline ladies would appreciate this particular yarny present). But then I remembered it's probably too hot there! Of course, I could make lacey ones. I haven't made lace yet. Hmmm. New project in between chapters? Perhaps!