Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Book Rampage

I haven't been writing, knitting, crafting, or cooking as much as usual. This is due solely to what I like to call a "book rampage". I go on binges of reading more often than bulimics go on eating binges (yes I am aware that was insensitive). So currently I am reading several books at once. I have read three books in two days. I simply cannot stop reading; every free moment is consumed with books! Such different books too. A Holmes-esque mystery; a heart wrenching YA cancer suffering saga; a frightening graveyard wrought fairy tale. Elephants. Giants. I have...problems. So what this means, dedicated reader, if you're out there, is to be aware you will be seeing a few more than usual book reviews until the planets realign themselves in the cosmos of my fragile and delicately balanced psyche. I would apologize but I have this book here...needing to be read...

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