Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Amazing Camera

I received an amazing camera for Christmas this year, courtesy of my very kind, loving, and caring husband. He knows me so well; in fact, he is the very best gift giver I've ever known. The camera he got for me is called a bridge camera, because it spans the gap between the old point-and-shoot variety and the very complex DSLR cameras. One day, I'll have one of those complicated machines, but I love the quality of pictures on this baby. Here is a picture of my new camera (which, ironically, I had to take a picture of with my cell phone so it's not that awesome):
Anyways, I had to clean out the camera from all my happy clicking away over the holidays, so that I could use it for the next project I'm doing with my older daughter, Emily. For her culinary arts class, she needs to have step by step photos of a delicious dinner from start to finish. So stay tuned for those pictures but in the meantime, here are some of the amazing photos my new camera has taken so far.


  1. lovely pics...and a DSLR is not alllll that complicated. Does your camera have manual mode? Does it shoot RAW? If it does, about the only thing it doesn't have that a DSLR has is lenses that can be changed. If you ever want to know more about this stuff, just ask me.

    1. No it doesn't have manual or RAW. It does have some cool built in filters, and Park mode like my 35mm. But I'd love to get some advice on using my 35mm if you know about those!

  2. Awesome pics, Chrystal! Cool camera - does it take cat pictures? :-)

  3. Yes ma'am it sure does! I took a lovely picture of my big boy. I'll post it for you :)